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Our Team

There are more than 100 staff members in TOYEAST HOLDINGS LIMITED, but their average age is under 30. This keeps the teamwork with youthful vigor and bond as an energetic family. The company has always motivated colleagues to “dare to imagine, dare to try”. On the one hand, they are enabled to express their creativity in their work; on the other hand, they are encouraged to explore their interests and focus on their talents. In this way, the company and the colleagues grow together and share the achievements of creativity.


Furthermore, the company organizes several large-scale events every year. Through the preparation process of these events, communication and understanding among colleagues are strengthened. Outside work, the company also holds leisure group activities, such as dinners and Christmas parties, to foster colleagues’ sense of belonging and cohere colleagues in the expectation to build a strong team spirit.

Administrative and human resources department

Administrative and human resources department mainly responsible for formulating company policies and handling human resources tasks. Tasks including recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal and reward management. In order to improve the sense of belonging, the human resources department will design employee benefits and plan for different company activities.

Finance and accounting department

Finance and accounting department is the core part of the company. To guarantee the company can run and expand, they need to control and maintain the cash flow.

Research, Development and Merchandising department

R&D team helps customers to bring their dream model car to the world. The merchandise team will change the design graphic to physical product. They have to communicate with the factory in order to meet the production schedule, including producing the mold and samples, delivering the new products, and ensuring the product arrival date. They are also merchandising all materials for the company including display materials for exhibition and for shop.

E-marketing Team

With professional experience and expertise, our e-marketing team successfully promotes our products to the world. We share the latest product information via various forms on different social media platforms, so that customers are able to keep up with our latest news.

Wholesales and distribution department

Our wholesales team mainly in charge of the brand of Tiny about wholesaling, marketing, and exhibition planning. On the other hand, they need to communicate with local dealers and handle their orders. In order to provide a wider range of products, our distribution team seeks for products from all over the world. Apart from wholesales, the distribution team also needs to plan for different exhibitions so as to promote the distribution brands.

Logistic department

Toyeast Holdings Limited owns an individual warehouse and a transportation team. Logistic team responsible for stock management, order fulfillment and delivery arrangement. The logistics team is also responsible for handling and shipping online orders, which include both local and international orders.

Design department

Design team is the innovation origin of Toyeast Limited. Design team consists of product designers and graphic designers. For the product designer, they create different printing on different model cars and give them a stunning package. And for the graphic designer, they mainly assist the e-marketing team to design attractive posters and material so as to boost sales and deliver company messages.

Retail & Exhibition department

Toyeast Limited owns around 20 physical stores. In order to maintain the store operation and generate sales, we have a group of professional front line staff. They make use of their professional knowledge on products to serve customers. Apart from retail, Toyeast also attends different exhibitions, including B2B and B2C exhibitions. The team helps to promote our product and deliver our company message to customers.

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