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Talking about “80M”, many will think of the bus route of this number. But well known to bus fans in Hong Kong, it is also the name of a bus model chain store. Veteran bus enthusiastic, Peter Kwok Ping-wah started the business of 80M Bus Model Shop in 1994. It began with the name “Art Gallery” and, literally, sold Mr Kwok’s own painting works, together with some bus models from the UK. Nowadays, the bus model scene in Hong Kong has been localized for long – almost all products are modelled after real vehicles and routes. This relatedness to the actual buses seen on the road every day have attracted a vast community of collectors.


Most Hong Kong bus models are well detailed inside and out with authentic body style and scale. The authorization from the bus operator, Kowloon Motor Bus adds value to the collectability of the models.


In addition to authentic models, 80M also produces caricature bus toys, or more commonly known as “QBus”, so that no matter adults or children can recollect the fun of their bus rides from the miniature buses.

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